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Postgraduate research project


Fully funded (UK and international)
Doctor of Philosophy
Entry requirements
2:1 honours degree
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Faculty graduate school
Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences


十大靠谱买球平台面临的挑战之一是在世界人口不断增长的情况下实现粮食安全. This challenge is particularly relevant to PNG, 85%的人口依赖于农业, 位于世界第三大热带森林地区. 农业循环的一个关键部分是休耕期. 由于人口增长对农业用地的需求增加, fallow periods are reducing. 适应这种情况的一种方法可能是通过促进土壤和森林的恢复来加快休耕期间发生的生态过程. 

这可能涉及:(1)量化生物多样性和生态系统功能, particularly below-ground, across a range of ages of fallow plots; (2) Testing novel ways of managing the fallow period to restore ecosystem functioning faster, e.g. soil inoculations or planting cover crops; (3) Investigating whether and which fallow management methods are likely to be adopted by local farmers using socio-ecological surveys; and (4) Given results for (2) and (3), 确定哪些休耕管理方法最有可能使地块在较短的休耕期后成功重复利用.

研究这个项目的学生将在热带生态系统中完成原创性科学, 同时提供可行的适应措施,以应对许多热带国家面临的挑战.

For full project details visit the Inspire project page.


  • Becky Morris (University of 正规买球十大排行平台)
  • Jake Snaddon (University of 正规买球十大排行平台)
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